The beginning of lavakan

The love and respect for pets is our “modus vivendi” this premise is what led us in 1999 to invent the first spa SPA cabin for pets, being a pioneer worldwide.

This world-wide novelty, we could develop it, thanks to the work of a human team of technicians and computer specialists, as well as to the advice of hairdressers and veterinarians.

The innovation consists of offering a more comfortable and quick solution versus the traditional system, while allowing treatments for the skin.


Innovation, development and solidity

In the year 2000 it expands internationally exporting to numerous countries among which the United States, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Mexico, Portugal, Guatemala, Ecuador, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Korea stand out , India, Venezuela, etc.

In 2012, working together with the Taurus Group, he incorporated Lavakan i / o into his catalog with which we became still much more advantageous
still much more advantageous

We are currently working to develop a line of products for the care of pets increasingly adapted to the needs of pets.